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American made,Hand crafted Tire Swings from Recycled Tires
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Your Kids will love to Swing on our Hand-Crafted Tire Swings made from Recycled Tires !

-Horse Tire Swings

This is entertainment and recycling at it's best! The Texas Pony Swing- Horse Tire Swings will start your little buckaroo on the happy trails to hours of fun. No smarter contraption can replace these ingenious recycled tire swings made from a single, genuine Texas used tire. (Yes, we said "genuine"!)

Horse Tire Swing

At Giddy-Up Swings we've been manufacturing the Texas Pony Swing - Horse Tire Swings for years. Our experience allows us to provide you the highest quality recycled tire swings on the market. The hardware we use on our recycled tire swings is plated to provide you with a swing that will be around for years to come!
Hang your horse tire swing from a tree, porch, or existing swing set. Wherever you choose to hang you're recycled horse tire swings you'll be sure to bring a smile to children of all ages. You'll receive compliments for years to come. Order yours today! 

Be sure you check out our full product line. Besides our recycled Horse Tire Swings we have Longhorn Steer Tire Swings and a full line of custom made recycled tire swings. Also take a look at our line of recycled tire planters hand crafted into parrots, toucans and other tropical birds.

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Our original Giddy-Up Swings are proudly handmade in America.

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